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Early risk screening for Alzheimer's disease

<p><strong>Early screening:</strong>Screening of people at high risk of AD</p> <p><strong>Non-invasive:</strong>Non-invasive sampling urine test</p> <p><strong>Hypersensitivity:</strong>Detection sensitivity up to picogram level</p> <p><strong>Accurate:</strong>The positive judgment value was 0.5ng/mL, and the detection rate was 95%</p> <p><strong>Fast:</strong>Results can be reported 10 minutes after the sample is dropped</p> <p><strong>Convenient:</strong>Add 100uL urine can be detected, easy to operate</p>

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Urine formaldehyde test kit

Qualitative/semi-quantitative detection of formaldehyde in urine by dry chemical analysis for early screening of AD

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