Fenji Strive for the First to Go to the Future | Qankorey Technology Wish Everyone a Happy New Year and a Future!!


In 2023, we will have hardships, efforts, touches and gains. The company is of one heart and one mind, working hard, insisting on the key layout of early screening, diagnosis, intervention and treatment of Alzheimer's, persevering and always adhering to independent innovation, with professionalism and responsibility, faith and persistence, and going all out to make a good product.


Looking back at the 2023, we have worked hard and continued to expand overseas markets. The company presented the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) with the world's first early screening product for Alzheimer's disease, urine beta amyloid protein detection kit, which has four PCT international patents. Gankang Technology, as the only Chinese company participating in this top international summit, has attracted many overseas experts and scholars to stop and negotiate frequently.

At the just-concluded Medlab Middle East 2024 of the Arab International Medical Laboratory Instruments and Equipment Exhibition, Gankang Technology made a stunning appearance at the Dubai Exhibition and received high attention and affirmation from experts, scholars and agents from all over the world. The convenient, fast and non-invasive self-inspection product features set an industry benchmark for the Alzheimer's early screening market. The foreign trade market is steadily expanding and will further communicate and cooperate with prospective customers around the world.


In the future, Qiankang Technology will participate in more international exhibitions, tap overseas customers, create opportunities for cooperation with more countries, and lay the foundation for expanding overseas market sales.


We tireless, struggle forward, strengthen the marketing system. The company's marketing team made every effort to carry out the strategic layout of the domestic market, empowered the health industry with innovative technology, and participated in the CACLP2023 and Changsha International Health and Health Industry Expo. During the exhibition, it attracted the attention of friends in various industries. CACLP2024, you are also welcome to visit our booth for exchange.

At the same time, professional academic lectures and trainings have been conducted in many companies and physical examination institutions such as China Resources Pharmaceuticals, Meunian Health, and some hospitals in Hunan, Chongqing, Shandong, etc., focusing on the promotion of Alzheimer's related principles and the promotion of Alzheimer's early Screening test kits allow more people to understand the importance of early screening and effectively improve public health awareness.


We will cultivate deeply and practice far. In June 2023, the general office of the national health and health Commission issued a notice on the promotion of senile dementia prevention and treatment (2023-2025) (national health office letter on the elderly [2023] No. 190), deciding to organize the promotion of senile dementia prevention and treatment nationwide from 2023-2025.

During the period, the company actively carried out early screening and intervention pilot work for cognitive impairment in major communities across the country, and achieved satisfactory results. In the future, Qiankang Technology will continue to expand the scope of early screening pilots, provide convenient services for more communities, and vigorously promote the benefits of early screening and early prevention.


We innovate and empower, strive to surpass, and demonstrate our responsibility with actions. The company held the launch of the Qiankang Life Sciences International R & D Center and the commissioning ceremony of the new production base in December 2023, which attracted great attention from the urban government and industry professionals, and also opened a new chapter in Qiankang.

Since its establishment, the company has been cooperating with the Florey Research Institute of the University of Melbourne in Australia and the AIBL organization to provide overall solutions around the product development and layout of the entire industry chain of "prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment" of Alzheimer's disease.

After the launch of the international research and development center, it will also focus on the research and development of leukocyte antigens, somatic cell gene detection, macrophage diagnosis, traditional Chinese medicine decoction, polypeptide drugs and other products, so as to rapidly promote the transformation of scientific research achievements into productivity.


Starlight does not ask hurriers, history belongs to those who strive. In 2023, every achievement made by Qiankang embodies the painstaking efforts and wisdom of every Qiankang person. It is not easy for everyone, and everyone is even more remarkable.

Chasing the wind and catching the moon, don't stay, flat and Wu are all spring mountains. Standing at a new historical starting point, let us unite more closely, do not want to dream but do it, do not focus on empty voice and work hard, and go all out to march towards a new journey with a firmer will and a more high-spirited attitude! 2024, we continue to refuel!

Sincerely wish everyone in the new year

Physical health

Work smoothly

Family happiness

All the best