Qankorey Technology Shines in Mountain City, 2024CACLP Successfully Ends!


2024 China International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instrument and Reagent Expo (CACLP)


March Mountain Qingchun Warmth, Reunion Shake Hands and Happy Yuzhou

As an annual event in the field of in vitro diagnostics, the 2024 China International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instrument and Reagent Expo (CACLP) was held in Chongqing International Expo Center from March 16 to 18. The number of exhibitors exceeded 1300, attracting exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions and more than 100,000 professional visitors, reflecting the high degree of internationalization, specialization and influence of CACLP as the top event in the IVD industry, it fully demonstrates the vitality and broad prospects of the in vitro diagnostic industry.

This year, Qankorey Technology took part in the exhibition with the world's first early screening product for senile dementia at No. CH-5432 in the central hall of the main exhibition hall. The booth was rich in activities and the visitors continued. It received high attention from experts, friends and overseas friends, and once again led the trend with scientific and technological innovation.


The early risk screening kit for Alzheimer's disease exhibited by Qankorey Technology-the urine beta amyloid protein detection kit has attracted much attention;

The aim is to provide the public with a faster and more convenient, non-invasive home self-examination early screening tool. Through early screening, the risk population can be screened out 20 years in advance, and preventive measures can be taken in advance, so as to better cope with, overcome and overcome the intrusion of Alzheimer's disease on oneself and family members! The audience visited the site in an endless stream of consultation and exchange, and the staff of the Qankorey Technology Booth patiently explained to the visitors in detail.

This time, taking the exhibition as an opportunity, we will focus on publicizing the significance of early screening of Alzheimer's disease, so that more people can understand the importance of early detection and early intervention of Alzheimer's disease. Professor Zhu Yaoyi, vice president and secretary general of medical laboratory industry branch of national health industry enterprise management association and former director of in vitro diagnosis branch of China Medical Device Industry Association, A detailed report on China's in vitro diagnosis industry.


Professor Zhu summarized the opportunities and challenges facing the in vitro diagnostics market and gave suggestions.


1, medical expenditure continued to grow and per capita disposable income increased demand for medical treatment.

2, the accumulation of medical insurance funds and the current balance of stable improvement.

3, regular inspection demand gradually rebounded.

4, the elderly and chronic disease groups continue to increase demand.

5, the collection is expected to further promote industry innovation.

6. Regional medical center construction promotes the rationalization of resource allocation

7. Increasing financial and policy support

8. Artificial intelligence technology will promote the digital development of the industry

9, overseas market to expand the development space of in vitro diagnosis


Encourage in vitro diagnostic technology and product innovation

2. Further optimize the bidding and procurement policy

3, increase the opening and implementation of LDT.

4. Actively encourage the development and use of home self-testing products

5, the introduction of a strong support for enterprises to go to sea policy.

6. Encourage and promote the application of artificial intelligence in the field of diagnosis

7. It is recommended that health check-ups and home self-tests be included in the scope of medical insurance payment.



On the one hand, Qankorey Technology will strengthen scientific research investment, innovate and empower, and focus on the research and development of products such as white blood cell antigen, somatic cell gene detection, macrophage diagnosis, traditional Chinese medicine decoction, polypeptide drugs, etc., to quickly promote the transformation of scientific research results into productivity; on the other hand, With demand as the traction, industry as the foundation, innovation as the drive, and sustainable development as the goal, in-depth exploration of Alzheimer's anti-screening diagnosis and treatment market expansion, provide solutions that are more in line with market needs.

On the road to the future, Qankorey Technology will, as always, adhere to technological innovation, constantly consolidate its independent research and development strength, continue to strengthen market development, meet the changing needs of customers, promote product upgrading and optimization, and enhance customer experience. to provide users with more convenient, fast and efficient Alzheimer's prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment system solutions to protect everyone's memory health!