Early Screening

Early risk screening for Alzheimer's disease

Early screening:Screening of people at high risk of AD

Non-invasive:Non-invasive sampling urine test

Hypersensitivity:Detection sensitivity up to picogram level

Accurate:The positive judgment value was 0.5ng/mL, and the detection rate was 95%

Fast:Results can be reported 10 minutes after the sample is dropped

Convenient:Add 100uL urine can be detected, easy to operate

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Auxiliary Diagnosis

Plant-derived functional premix

chemiluminescence detection reagent

Quantitative detection of trace amounts of beta-amyloid in urine using highly specific antibodies

veterinary traditional chinese medicine

Somatic gene detection model

Accurate prediction of future Alzheimer's disease in middle-aged individuals using molecular diagnostics and big data models

Interventional Therapy

traditional chinese medicine capsule

From the screening of thousands of traditional Chinese medicines, traditional Chinese medicines with excellent early intervention effect on AD have been found, which can effectively block the development of AD. At present, super-professional equipment has been purchased and is being tested, and the production line is also under construction. It is expected to be listed in 2025.

therapeutic drug

By increasing the natural phagocytic capacity of scavenger receptors on human monocytes, including P2X7, a new therapy is expected to completely cure Alzheimer's disease.