International Prosperity | Qankorey Technology Appears in Medlab Middle East 2024


From February 5 to 8, 2024, the Arab International Medical Laboratory Instruments and Equipment Exhibition Medlab Middle East 2024 was officially opened. Medical laboratory professionals from all over the world gathered in this industry weather vane event to discuss the development trend of the industry.

Medlab Middle East is one of the most famous and professional exhibition and trade platforms in the field of medical laboratory equipment and testing equipment in the world. It displays the latest products and the latest cutting-edge technology, and has become the vane of international laboratory equipment and testing industry.

The exhibition site provides a platform for medical laboratory professionals, scientists, researchers and industry leaders from all over the world to communicate, learn and share innovation. While presenting numerous innovative projects and research results, a series of high-level professional conferences, seminars and training courses will be held, covering hot topics and the latest trends in the field of medical laboratories.


Gankang Technology was unveiled at this exhibition, exhibiting the world's first early screening product for Alzheimer's disease with 4 PCT international patents-urine beta amyloid protein detection kit,It has been highly concerned and affirmed by experts, scholars and agents from all over the world. The product characteristics of convenient and fast, non-invasive self-inspection have set an industry benchmark for the Alzheimer's early screening market.

At this time, as the Chinese Spring Festival approaches, the Gankang Science and Technology team is even more ingenious in setting up the exhibition stand. The unique leading shape color bars are hung high, indicating that in the coming New Year of the Dragon, Longxing will make great progress.


This Medlab Middle East has welcomed 700 exhibitors from nearly 60 countries and regions around the world,During the 4-day exhibition, more than 29,755 medical professionals from more than 130 countries showed the latest medical technology and the most forward-looking scientific and technological products.Chinese enterprises will have 200 enterprises participating in the offline entity exhibition in 2024, covering an area of nearly 5,000 square meters. During the same period, 8 CME certification Junior College meetings were held, attracting 6,500 representatives from 17 countries and regions.


Overseas friends detailed understanding of the product


The products unveiled this time screen out early high-risk groups by detecting the concentration level of beta amyloid protein (amyloid beta, Aβ), the earliest biomarker in the course of Alzheimer's disease. The pathological changes will not appear until 17-23 years after the marker is deposited in the human body. Experts believe that non-drug methods can effectively prevent and delay the development of Alzheimer's disease at this stage.

The product adopts non-invasive sampling, urine detection, no professional medical operation, no need to use instruments, easy to operate, ten minutes of rapid visual detection results, affordable,It can be used for rapid testing in medical institutions or home self-testing.


urine beta amyloid protein detection kit

It is estimated that by 2050, the number of dementia patients worldwide will triple to more than 0.152 billion,At the same time, several counter-trends, such as the rise in smokers, people with high body mass index and high blood sugar, are expected to increase the number of cases by 6.8 million,There will be 6.2 million fewer cases of dementia worldwide due to a positive trend in global educational opportunities.

At present, overseas attention is paid to the prevention and early screening of Alzheimer's disease, and overseas markets also have huge room for development,This appearance also laid the foundation for Gankang Technology to expand overseas markets,Through the joint channels at home and abroad, the global Alzheimer's early screening problem will be further resolved.


Gankang Technology will continue to pay attention to the international market dynamics and market demand, give full play to the "product service" linkage advantage, through product channels and a number of international industry-university-research cooperation, continue to deepen the international business strategy, and continue to contribute to the early stage of Alzheimer's ecological service field!


Gankang Science and Technology is committed to the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of senile dementia. We have been working hard!